London Procurement

Purchasing and delivery logistics.

Tracking Down, Packing up & shipping out

London Procurement has the skills and perseverance to locate all types of essential items, large and small, particularly to companies operating in Algeria.

From daily “rope, soap “n” dope” essentials, to complete rig camps, London Procurement takes pride in attending to the smallest details so that customers can relax in the knowledge that their order will be properly fulfilled, and delivered in time and on budget.

London Procurement can take advantage of freight space on the regular flights between London and Hassi Messaoud managed by sister Company JetAir thus ensuring that items can be delivered as swiftly as possible. For ultra urgent consignments, a personal courier service can be provided to hand carry small and/or valuable items.

Goods can be supplied on a letter of credit and customs formalities managed on arrival.

Purchasing and delivery logistics
London Procurement